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We Ain't Got the Money for the Mortgage on the Farm

One of those repetitive jokes. Difference is, you do the skit to a beat, and everyone bends their knees in sync (or tries to.) Successful or not, the knee bending (and attempts to keep in sync) alone makes it hilarious. Cast: Ma, Pa, Bro, Sis, Cousin Joe, Auntie M', Gramps, Mr. Bankerman Pa: (Comes out, starts bending knees to a beat, and says to the beat) Hiya, Folks! I'm Pa (people can respond ... repeat if desired.) Well, we ain't got the money for the mortgage on the farm. Boo, Hoo, Boo Hoo Hoo. Ma: (Comes out, bends knees to Pa's beat.) Hiya, Pa! Pa: Hiya, Ma! Ma: Whatsamatter, Pa? Pa: Well, we ain't got the money for the mortgage on the farm. Pa & Ma: Boo, Hoo, Boo Hoo Hoo! Continues with Bro coming in, saying Hiya, Ma (who responds, Hiya, Bro) to the beat, then says Hiya Pa, (Hiya, Bro) then Whatsamater Pa? who responds about the mortgage. Continue in like manner through to Gramps, each lining up beside the person before them. Continue to Mr. Bankerman, who does the same thing, but faces the line from the far side. They all go through the scene again, Hiya, Pa! Hiya, Mr. Bankerman! etc. Whatsamater, Pa? Well, we ain't .... Finally, Mr. Bankerman: Well, Now I got Sis (abducts Sis, who of course resists.) Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha! All of a sudden, everyone shoots at Mr. Bankerman, (Bang! Bang! Bang Bang Bang!) and he falls over dead. They continue their leg bending. Next line is tricky to a beat, but think of rap music. (What the heck is rap? You mean that garbage kids listen to?) All: Now we don't have to pay the mortgage on the farm! Ha! Ha! Ha Ha Ha!

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