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Waiting Room, The

Seen at a Vacation Bible School Summer Camp. You need six chairs together, and one for the secretary. The scene is a doctor's office.

The first person comes in. His shoulder twitches once every 3 seconds. Secretary: "Please take a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly."

The second guy comes in. One eye twitches once a second. Secretary: "Please take a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly." He takes a seat, and after about 5 seconds, his shoulder starts twitching too, and the first guy's eye starts twitching. The secretary doesn't get any symptoms.

The third guy has the hiccups. Now everyone catches the hiccups, and the third guy gets the two twitches.

The fourth guy sneezes. The fifth guy's legs wobble. The sixth guy occasionally shakes all over. Wait a bit, with all the patients doing all the symptoms.

A scout comes in with a beach ball under his shirt, like he's pregnant, and all the patients run out screaming. The pregnant scout and secretary watch, wondering what's wrong with them.

"Where's the maternity ward?" Secretary: "Oh, you're in the wrong office, that's two floors up."

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