Thar's a Bear
Posted On: 2022-05-05

The object is to set up a bear warning system. One at a time set up five to eight fellows standing shoulder to shoulder. The warning system is set up by having each of them repeat the following message:

Leader: "Thar's a Bar." (correct pronunciation is important)

Bear Warner: "Whar?" (be certain that he pronounces it correctly, if not correct him.)

Leader: "Over Thar." (pointing with his right hand and arm extended)

A to B: "Thar's a Bar." (at which point he will probably point, so correct him.)

B: "Whar?"

A: "Over Thar." (now he should point with the arm extended for the rest of the skit.)

B - C: "Thar's a Bar." … and so on until the last one says it to the leader.

Go through the same procedure with the left hand. The third time have both hands extended, right leg extended, bent down. The last time the leader goes through the ritual, he pushes the guy next to him so that the rest will fall like dominoes.