Super Clutz
Posted On: 2008-09-24

Once done at a campfire and it went smoothly. Then when it was finished, the author was exiting the stage and accidentally kicked over a lantern. Eerily appropriate, wouldn't you say? Cast: Super Clutz, Little Kid, 3 People Setting: City Street Super Clutz is wearing a jacket for a cape, inside out shirt, inside out shorts, backwards hat, etc. Little Kid: (Crying) Super Clutz! Can you help me? I've lost a quarter! Super Clutz: OK. I'll try my best! (Walks around on streets, looking to ground for quarter.) Man: (Calling out from burning building) Super Clutz! The building is on fire! Help Me! Super Clutz: Sorry, I'm busy! (Walks around some more.) Woman: (Being mugged) Help me, Super Clutz! They've taken my purse! Super Clutz: Sorry! I'm busy! (Walks around some more.) Man: (From wrecked car) Super Clutz! Get me out of here before the car blows up! Super Clutz: Sorry! I'm busy! Little kid runs up to him. Kid: Super Klutz! I found my quarter! It was in my pocket all the time!



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