Cubs With Talents Around The World
Posted On: 2020-08-28


4 Cubs in uniform, and the Cubmaster or Den Leader

SETTING: A flashlight for each Cub, Room lights are dimmed. Each Cub is in a corner of the room with flashlights on. They walk to the front as they say their parts and form a line behind the Cubmaster.

The Cubmaster is standing in the front waiting for the Cubs.

CUB 1 - A Cub Scout follows Akela

CUB 2 - A Cub Scout helps the Pack go.

CUB 3 - The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow

CUB 4 - Cub Scout gives goodwill

CM - You have just heard the Law of the Pack. It comes from the four comers of the room to remind you that there are Cub Scouts in all comers of the Earth that go to meetings just like you. They have fun just like you, believe in the same principles of Scouting just like you. And just like you/they have talents and gifts that they are willing to share with others. No matter where you travel you will find Cub Scouts, just like you. Good night and good Scouting!




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