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Seven Jerks on the Line

A 2-person skit that only requires a length of rope.

Cast: 2 People on the phone, up to seven Victims, rope Each person is holding the rope at either end, and talking on the telephone

Person 1: I went fishing the other day!

2: Can't hear you!

1: Said I went fishing the other day!

2: Can't hear you! Maybe the phone company needs more telephone poles! Get a couple of victims to hold the rope up in the middle.

1: That better?

2: A little! Try again.

1: Went fishing the other day!

2: Really? Is it a good sushi bar?

1: No! I went fishing! Maybe they need more poles! Get a couple more victims to help hold the rope up.

1: As I was saying, the spot I was at wasn't great!

2: No, still can't hear you. Did you say you got grapes?

1: Hold on a minute. Get another couple of poles.

1: I said that I went fishing and my luck wasn't too good!

2: That's better! Still a little interference, but you say you hit a puck? I think one more pole will help greatly. Get one more pole.

2: Perfect! 1: Gee! The phones today. Anyway, I went fishing the other day.

2: Oh? And how did you do? Any bites?

1: Not good. But today, I did get 7 jerks on the line!

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