The Scout Uniform
Posted On: 2020-08-21

This skit needs two Scouts, both dressed in full Scout uniform, complete with shoes, socks, neckerchief, and hat. Only a little rehearsal is needed, and it is best to ad-lib as the Scouts go along. Scout #2 should demonstrate Scout#1's requests as quickly as possible, playing for the audience's response. By the end of the skit, the second Scout will be a complete mess.

Scout #1: "Good evening Scouts and parents. Tonight my associate and I will demonstrate the proper way to wear the official Boy Scout uniform for all of our mothers present, and especially for the new Scouts and their mothers."

Scout #1 reads from a list: "First, notice the lovely shade of khaki and red. See how the colors compliment each other?"

Scout #2 acts as a model, posing and waving his hand in a smooth motion from hat to trousers. "Notice the badges identifying the patrol, rank, troop number, office, and council."

Scout #2 points to each patch in succession. "Now notice the stiff collar, the neatly sewn shirt buttons, and the absence of lint in his trouser pockets."

Scout #2 turns up the collar, pulling his neckerchief askew. He begins to unbutton his shirt, and pulls out his pants pockets, dropping the contents on the floor. "See the neat pant cuffs, shiny leather shoes, and crumpled shirt tails."

Scout #2 lifts a pant leg (which stays up), takes off and holds up a shoe, and pulls out his shirttails and waves them at the audience. "Also check out the regulation hat and belt, clean undershirt, and ears."

Scout #2 takes off his hat to show and puts it back a bit lopsided. He unbuckles his belt and leaves it hanging. Then he finishes unbuttoning his shirt to show off his clean undershirt. He sticks a finger in his ear, turns it, and takes it out and inspects it. "Finally, notice the stitched shirt cuffs, color-coordinated Scout socks, and clean hands."

Scout #2 unbuttons one shirtsleeve cuff and shows it off. He takes off a sock and waves it proudly, holding it up to his shirt for comparison. Then he stuffs the sock partly into a pocket and displays his clean hands. "Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your attention. Scouts, I expect you to wear your uniforms as proudly as my helpful assistant wears his."



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