Cubs Building Character
Posted On: 2020-08-28


1ST CUB: (carrying hammer) In Cub Scouts we learn to build character.

2ND CUB: (carrying plank) It is not what the boy does to the wood, but rather what the wood does for the boy.

3RD CUB: (carrying a plane) Through Cub Scouting we learn to remove the sharp edges of our personalities.

4TH CUB: (carrying sandpaper) As we grow in Cubbing we become more refined and smooth in our manners.

5TH CUB: (carrying a tool chest) Our talents are gathered together and we get a chance to try them out when our den works on the themes each month.

6TH CUB: (walking with parent) Our parents help us to learn how to use the tools of life when they help us pass our achievements.

ALL: Thank you all for helping us grow into well-rounded citizens.




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