PLC Meeting
Posted On: 2008-09-24

Scene: Six to eight players sit around a table scattered with papers, a couple of water glasses, etc. They mime a discussion, some jotting down notes, etc. Enter the narrator, outfitted as a news reporter. In confidential tones, the reporter explains that this is an important meeting of the Patrol Leaders Council, gathered on this occasion to make some very important decisions. As the narrator says something like, "Let's see if we can get a bit closer to hear how things are going", the group at the table add some mumbling and unintelligible arguing to their mime. Occasionally, they punctuate the din with outbursts such as, "No, no!"; "I disagree!", "That's better"; "No way!"; "That might work"; and the like. finally, the hubbub dies, the group settles back. One member stands and announces, "hen it's decided; a Large pizza with mushrooms, onions cheese, sausage and pepperoni., hold the anchovies." "All: Agreed!"



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