Peanuts in the Lake
Posted On: 2008-09-24

Each person has a handful of peanuts hidden away (except girl's peanuts which are visible), perhaps in campfire blanket pocket. All family members are present on the stage. Cast: Girl, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother, Friend etc. and a Bag of Peanuts. Setting: Up at the Cottage, Lakeside Resort, Beach Girl: Gee! I've got all these great peanuts! I want to throw some into the lake! I'll go ask Ma if I can. Ma! Can I throw peanuts in the lake? Ma: Are peanuts biodegradable, dear? Girl: What? Ma: Are peanuts biodegradable? You don't want to hurt the lake. Girl: Gee, I don't know. Ma: Then you'd better not throw peanuts in the lake, darling. Girl: (On the side) I'll go ask Pa. Repeat the scene through each person. Use appropriate hamming it up and histrionics, such as "Granny always lets me do whatever I want" and a hard of hearing, senile uncle. All still ask the biodegradable question, girl occasionally responding, "Bio de what?" "Biodependable?" ("No, Biodegradable!") sometimes being told, "You go to school, don't you? Ask your teacher!" She always responds that she doesn't know and goes on to the next family member. Finally, she gives up. Girl: Well, I guess I'd better find out what biodegradable means, and if peanuts are biodegradable. (She leaves.) Ma: Hey gang! She's gone now! Peanuts are biodegradable! (Throw peanuts into crowd.)



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