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The Page (The Skit)
Posted On: 2008-09-24

Cast: The Scout Master, Assistant Scout Master, The Eagle Scout, The Life Scout, The Tenderfoot, and the Monster.

Setting: A plague has taken over the Camp. A monster is lurking a nearby forest known as "Dark Forest" home of the monster: "Yellow Fingers". The only hope is to obtain a magic potion from the old sorceress.

Scout Master: Eagle Scout, our Camp is in ruins. The plague is killing everything in out camp. The Experts give us no hope. The only way to save our camp is to obtain the magic potion from the old sorceress, who lives in the nearby Dark Forest. However, beware of the monster Yellow Fingers, who if he catches you in the Dark Forest will squeeze you to death.

Eagle Scout: Yes, Sir, I will go, anything to save the camp and for Scouts everywhere.

(The Eagle Scout leaves and you hear a struggle and a deathlike scream)

Scout Master: The Eagle Scout has failed. Life Scout, you must slay Yellow Fingers and save the Camp.

Life Scout: Yes, Sir, I will go and save our Camp, I am prepared.

(The Life Scout leaves and you hear a struggle and a deathlike scream)

Scout Master: Call for my Star Scout, He must save the camp.

Star Scout: (acting afraid) Oh, my Scout Master, I don't think I have the training or skill to go into the Dark Forest, Isn't there anyone else?

(The Star Scout leaves and you hear a struggle and a deathlike scream)

Scout Master: My Eagle Scout, my Life Scout and my Star Scout have all failed, Now who shall do battle?

The Page: I will. I will do it for my Scout Master and the Camp.

Scout Master: But you are only a page. You have ONLY earned your TENDERFOOT. You cannot believe that you have the skills to travel through the Dark Forest.

The Page: Send me Sir, I shall kill the beast.

(The page leaves and you hear a struggle and the page returns)

The Page: Yellow Fingers is dead. Here is your magic potion to save the camp.

Scout Master: Page, how is it that my Eagle, Life and Star Scouts all failed, but you, a mere tenderfoot has saved the camp?

The Page: Its very simple -- From now on let your pages do the walking through the Yellow Fingers."


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