The Outhouse in the Yangtze River
Posted On: 2022-04-29

You need: A boy to be the Chinese father, and three or four more boys to be his children.
The father starts out alone and calls his children to come to him. He is very angry. They all line up behind him.

Father: "As you know, someone has pushed the outhouse into the river. (To the first son) Was it you?"

First Son: "No, Father!"

Father: (To the second son) "Did you push the outhouse into the river?"

Second son: "No, Father!" He asks all of them, and they all say no.

Father: "In America, George Washington chopped down his Father's cherry tree. He told his father, 'I can not tell a lie. When his father heard this, he did not punish him, but he honored him for telling the truth." Now can someone tell me who did this?"

Second son: "I cannot tell a lie either, Father. It was me!"

Father: "Why, you little!" He runs up and starts strangling his son. Other sons try to keep him off.

Second son: Father! Why are you punishing me when I told you the truth? You said George Washington did not get punished!."

Father: "George Washington's father was not in the tree!!"

All exit