The New Badge
Posted On: 2008-09-24

Cast: Leader, 3 or 4 Kids Setting: Meeting Hall Leader: Boys, they're having a contest to redesign the World Conservation Badge. So you guys should try to come up with some ideas. Kids: Sure thing, Akela. After a pause, #1 comes in. #1: Here's an idea, Akela. Leader: Hmm... not bad. But isn't that too dull? #2: Akela! Look at this! Leader: Really nice, but the design is too complicated for the badgemakers to put on a badge. #3: I have a really good one, Akela! Leader: Very good. But I think it's too big. #4: This is it Akela! It's sure to be a winner! Leader: This is perfect! It's bright enough, simple to make, and the right size. Where did you come up with this idea? #4: It's a copy of the old badge!



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