Cub Scout Handyman
Posted On: 2020-08-28


PREPARATION: Have the boys in the den come early. Wrap them in bandages, slings, around their heads, etc. Make sure at least one boy has bandages on all ten fingers!

Do the beginning just like a regular posting of the colors. Make SURE the boys know to act seriously during this part. After the colors are posted and the Pledge is recited, have the boys line up in front-facing their audience. You can split up the poem however you want, one line per boy, 1/2 line per boy, all boys reading together, whatever.

Our goal this month
Was to learn about tools
As you can see
We look like fools.

We ignored the rules
We all had to learn.
Now we are sorry
Our den leader wasn't more firm.

But we can say
There are some advantages
Our leader is always prepared
And has lots of bandages.

If you have a set of crutches, that would be great to add. Have the boys then help each other off the stage. But not before they "milk" the crowd for all the laughs they can get.




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