The Lighthouse
Posted On: 2022-04-27

Cast: 1 narrator 3-6 Scouts for the lighthouse walls 3-6 leaders, counselors, kitchen staff, etc., number to equal the Scouts and will be 'recruited' during the skit 1 flashlight, or 2 if using 5-6 Scouts Scouts stand in a circle, facing out, feet spread 2' - 3' apart but touching feet of Scouts on each side. The flashlight is held at eye level and is passed around the circle. Scouts stand tall and hold the beacon's beam steady. Narrator: "Many years ago, the people of a seaside village built a lighthouse to warn approaching ships of a dangerous shoal near their harbor. Its beacon could be seen for miles, even in fog and storms. For many decades, the lighthouse stood firm and give safe passage to all who sailed by the village. But as the years went by, the villagers grew old and so did the lighthouse. The villagers could no longer make repairs, the ocean's waves wore away the foundation, the lighthouse started to sag and failed at its duty." The Scouts now stoop, heads lean to the side and bend their knees slightly; the light 'travels' a zig-zag path around. Narrator: "When the schooners and square-riggers started to go aground on the shoals, the old villagers knew they had to call inexperienced people to help with their problem. People who were pillars in their own communities and who were solid as a rock." Recruit your favorite 'I'm gonna get you now' people and instruct them to go down on their hands and knees and into the walls. Leaders are facing in with their derrieres out, and are straddled by the Scouts who again stand tall and give a steady light. Narrator: "Now with these new rocks placed into the foundation, the lighthouse once again shines a bright beacon and stands firm in the stormy surf to withstand the pounding of the waves." Scouts drop the flashlight and then hand-paddle the leaders.



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