The Lighthouse Story
Posted On: 2008-09-24

A lighthouse keeper runs in circles, pretending to run up the spiral staircase at the lighthouse, to check on the light on top. The phone rings, and he runs down the spiral staircase. He misses the phone call, and goes back up. The phone rings again and he goes down again.

The lighthouse keeper answers the phone, and finds out that he has two friends coming over to visit. He goes back up the staircase to check light. Knock on the door or a bell rings. He goes down the staircase to anwer the door. He and his friends go up to the top while he checks the light. One friend faints. The lighthouse keeper sends the other friend down to call 911. He starts to call but forgets the number and goes back up to ask. He goes back down & calls for the Doctor. He goes back up.

Door bell rings and they go down to answer the door. The doctor enters and they all go up the staircase to where the fainted friend is. The Doctor tells them the fainted friend has to go to the hospital. The pick him up and go down.

On the way out the door the friend asks what that other door is for. The lighthouse keeper says it is the elevator.




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