Cub Scout Garden
Posted On: 2020-08-28


As a leader reads the narration, five Cub Scouts enter in turn, carrying posters showing peas, lettuce, squash, turnips, and garden tools.

NARRATOR: Here is how to plant one of those thriving, productive Cub Scout gardens that every parent wants his son to grow up in.

First, plant five rows of Peas - preparedness, promptness, perseverance, politeness, and praise.

Then plant five rows of Lettuce - let us be faithful, let us be unselfish, let us be loyal, let us be truthful, let us help one another.

Next to them, plant three rows of Squash - squash impatience, squash criticism, squash indifference.

No garden is complete without Turnips - turn up for pack meetings, turn up with new ideas, turn up with determination.

And we all need the tools of Cub Scouting, so don't wait to be asked, volunteer! Don't say, "I can't do it!" Do it! And don't wait for someone else - Be first! Without the help of every boy and parent in our pack, our Cub Scout garden will turn to weeds. So help us work the soil, pull the weeds, and spread the sunshine so that in the garden of the pack, we can say. We have done our best.




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