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Jungle Interview

Cub 1: We're here to interview the jungle animals.

Cub 2: Tell me, Bagheera, how do you keep your fur so shiny and bright?

Bagheera: I rub it with baby oil, day and night.

Cub 3: Hey Kaa, you're skinny enough to slide, but tell me, how do you open your jaws so wide?

Kaa: I chew a lot of Hubba Bubba to keep my jaws just like "rubba"!

Cub 4: Baloo, how come your fur's so soft and thick?

Baloo: Ah ha! That is my trick.

Cub 5: Tell me, Hathi, how do all the animals hear your warning?

Hathi: I practise, and gargle with Scope every morning!

Cub 6: Howdy Raksha. How do you keep your fangs so sharp and bright?

Raksha: I clean them with Crest and steel wool every night!

Cub 7: Akela, why has your hair turned so grey?

Akela: You take my wolf cubs for a day: see if they don't turn your hair grey!

All: And that's the end of our jungle advice; we hope you really found it nice!

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