Posted On: 2008-09-24

Two ditch diggers are digging a ditch when their boss walks by and then just stands around. One digger turns to the other and ask why they have to do all the work, while the boss gets paid more. The other man does not know and suggest the he go ask the boss. He then asks the boss, who explains its "intelligence". The worker asks "what do you mean?. The boss says "let me demonstrate it to you" whereupon he puts his hand against a tree and tells the worker to hit his hand as hard as he can. When the worker tries, the boss pulls his hand away, and the worker hits the tree instead. The boss says, "You see that's intelligence, now go back to work!". When he returns to the ditch, the other man asks him what the answer is. The injured worker explains its "inteelgence". He explains to the other worker by putting his hand on the front of his own face and says: "See this hand, hit it as hard as you can!"



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