Indian Scout
Posted On: 2022-04-21

Props: Feathers and headband for the Indian, hiking gear for Scouts

(As the scene opens, we find an Indian laying with his ear to the ground)

[Enter Patrol on a hike]

Patrol Leader: Well, fellows, we've seen a lot of interesting things on our hike. [Pointing towards Indian] Look there! I think we've just found one of those famous Indian trackers.

Scout #1: He has his ear to the ground. Do you suppose he can hear something coming?

Scout #2: Could be. Let's ask him.

Scout #3: Whatcha doing down there? Can you hear something?

Indian: [with a strained voice] Two horses, wagon, white man, two chickens, and a dog.

Patrol Leader: You can tell all that from just listening?

Indian: No, he ran over me 10 minutes ago!



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