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Hat Skit

(This skit is done by one person. A hat type or position and voice indicates the character. The Mother talks in a high voice with the lower lip out and up, and wears a fancy shower hat. The Father wears a ball cap with the peak to the left side and talks out of the left side of his mouth. The educated son, a normal voice, and wears the ball cap to the front. The other son wears the cap to the right, and talks out of that side. The father and other son have drawls. The candle is burning, in front of the performer.)

Props: Shower cap, ball cap, candle on firm base.

Father: Well, it is sure good having you home from college son. Hope you're getting a good education.

Edson: Oh I am, it won't be long and I'll graduate.

Son: Sure enough you won't want to be stayin' down here on the farm.

Mother: Now, Marvin, Tom'll be visitin' often enough.

Father: [yawning] It's been a long day, and hearin' about all that college learnin' has made me tired. I'm goin' ta turn in.

All: [indicate agreement]

Mother: This durn'd candle's always a problem to put out, but out it's got to go. [tries to blow it out, but because of lip, air goes up] Hey Pa, I can't do it again, you try it.

Father: [blows, but air goes sideways] Cain't do it neither Ma. Marvin, you have a go.

Son: [blows, and blows, but air goes to other side] Ain't no good Pa. I try and try, but all I get is chapped lips. Tom, show us what all that educamation has done fer ya.

Edson: [licks finger and thumb, pinches out flame - exits]

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