French Restaurant
Posted On: 2022-04-20

This skit is best done with older scouts because it's rather complicated, and even better if the volunteer is an unknowing new adult leader. It always gets big laughs from everyone involved.

Props needed: two chairs, two glasses of water

Cast: at least three people

For this skit set two chairs facing each other and have a Scout pretend to be opening a French restaurant. He should describe the restaurant, telling the audience all the things he has for the grand opening, a kitchen, the food, chairs, etc. The Scout then realizes that he forgot an important part of the restaurant: the table. He then asks for a volunteer from the audience to come be the table. He then has the volunteer get down on his hands and knees between the chairs as the table. The owner then exclaims, "I can now open the restaurant."

The two people then walk on stage and sit down at the table. The owner asks the guests if they know what they want, and the guests say no, so the owner offers to bring them some water while they decide. When the owner comes back with the water he sets it on the table (audience volunteer), and the guests tell him they are ready to order. The guests then order all types of non-French food (hamburgers, spaghetti, pizza). Upon them doing this, the owner gets very upset, arguing that they cannot eat that at his restaurant, as they can order only French food. This goes on for a couple of minutes, with the guests ordering non-French food and the owner saying they cannot have it. Finally, the guests get up and upset, tell the owner they are leaving for Mcdonald's, and leave. The owner then turns to the audience and tells them that he hopes they enjoyed the skit, and exits, too. This leaves only the audience volunteer, who, with two cups full of water on his back, cannot go anywhere!