The Farmer & The Ox
Posted On: 2010-02-22

Cast: farmer, three merchants, hired hand

Farmer (enters and falls on knees): Oh, woe is me! It's time to plough and I have no oxen (raises arms to sky). Oh, whatever fates there are, please, please send me an ox so that I can plough my fields and plant my crops! (Enter merchant)

1st Merchant: Whatever are you doing, man?

Farmer: I'm begging the fates to send me an ox so that I can plough my fields and plant my crops. Without an ox, my children will starve. Oh, woe is me!

1st Merchant: Oh you poor, poor man. I would stay to help, but I must get to town without delay (turns to audience). Will no one out there help this poor man? Often the fates ignore one voice, but will listen to two. (The merchant coaxes a volunteer from the audience, arranges him on his knees with the farmer and instructs him to lift his arms to the sky and repeat over and over, "Please, please send an ox!" The merchant leaves and a second merchant enters, repeats the routine and brings up a second volunteer. A third merchant does the same. When all three volunteers are kneeling and wailing with the farmer, the hired hand enters, looks amazed and shouts...)

Hired Hand: Boss! Boss! Truly it's a miracle we see. You prayed for one ox, and the fates have sent you three jackasses!



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