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Enlarging Machine
Posted On: 2010-02-22

(This skit is best set up in the opening of the campfire circle so that no one can see what is happening "backstage".)

Props: A blanket (or on stage a large piece of cardboard on which is drawn a machine, with a flap in the front), a tea spoon and a ladle, a tin mug and a pot.

(Two boys hold up the blanket behind which is the largest boy, who is also the machine operator.)

Circus Barker: Alright, step right up and see the world's only enlarging machine! For one small dime, one tenth of a dollar, you can try the eighth wonder of the world.

First Boy: [shows everybody his teaspoon] I'll give it a try mister. [puts imaginary dime into pocket of boy holding blanket and cranks his arm]

Operator: [clanking, whirring sounds, throws ladle out]

Barker: There you are folks, one tiny spoon in, one big spoon out! Who's next?

Second Boy: [shows tin mug] Me mister. I'll try it. [puts in imaginary dime, cranks arm]

Operator: [clanking, whirring sounds, throws pot out]

Barker: Isn't that the marvel of the world. One tiny mug in, one big mug out. Step right up now, who's next?

Third Boy: [runs up, puts in dime, cranks arm, and jumps in]

Operator: [clanking, whirring sounds, and jumps out] (We discourage the ending where actor spits into the machine, receiving a mug of water in the face.)


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