Dude Ranch
Posted On: 2010-02-22

Props: A couple of western hats and bandana would help set the scene.

Announcer: This skit takes place at a dude ranch.

Old Hand: [slouched against fence, with slow western accent] So, you want to go ridin' eh?

Dude: [city voice] Well, yes, that's what I came to this expensive resort to do!

Old Hand: You ever been ridin' before?

Dude: No. I expect you to teach me.

Old Hand: Well... we better start with the saddle. Would you like an English saddle or a Western saddle?

Dude: I don't know, what's the difference?

Old Hand: Well ... the English saddle is flat, the Western saddle has a horn on it.

Dude: Give me the one with the horn. I don't want anybody getting in my way!



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