Dr. Frank N. Stein and Igor
Posted On: 2010-02-22

Here’s a cool skit I learned at Webelos Camp. One Person is the announcer, one person is Igor, one person is Dr. Frank N. Stein, and all the other people are salesmen.

Step 1. Announcer walks up and says, "We will now take you to the home of Dr. Frank N. Stein, where he is working on his latest invention, Igor."

Step 2. ( Igor is laying down) One Salesman comes and knocks on the door. Dr. Stein opens door and salesman says, " Hello, my name is ----------- and I'm selling ------------. Would you like to buy one? Dr Stein Says, " Sure I'll buy one but first come see my greatest invention, Igor. (Salesman comes inside) Dr Stein says, "This is Igor, Igor can sit, ( Igor sits) Igor can stand, (Igor stands) Igor can walk, (Igor walks to salesman) and Igor can kill. ( salesman screams and Igor shoves him off the stage)

Repeat until all salesmen are gone.

Step 3. Once all salesmen are gone Dr. Stein walks up to audience and says, "Thank you for coming to see DenPack ___'s skit. As you see, Igor can sit, stand, walk, and kill. (Igor shoves Dr. Stein off stage and bows.)



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