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The Dog Skit


…. There is always the temptation for the doggie to do “doggie type, off-color things. Make sure that this type of stuff doesn’t get into your campfire skit!

…. On the third and fifth lines, you must be careful to say “your dog”, rather than “he”. The punch line depends on this set-up line.

Minimum cast of characters: 3 - Stranger (or a Scout leader), Scout, Dog

The Scout is standing around, with a dog nearby. For more than one Scout, they could be in a group. However, only one does the talking. The stranger walks up to the Scout. The dog is standing, on all fours, looking around in a friendly manner.

Stranger: Good evening, Scout. Do you have the time?

Scout: Yes sir, It’s 8 o’clock.

Stranger: My that’s a friendly looking pooch there. Does your dog bite?

Scout: No sir. My dog is a friend to anyone who comes by.

(Stranger leans down to play with the dog. Dog suddenly snaps at the stranger, supposedly biting him. Don’t get carried away here.)

Stranger: Hey, he bit me! I thought you said your dog didn’t bite.

Scout: My dog doesn’t bite, but that’s not my dog!

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