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Country Scouts in the Big City

Two scouts enter campfire circle

#1 Hi, we are country scouts, and this is our first trip to the big city.

#2 Hey, (looking around) did you ever see such big buildings?

#1 & # 2 ham it up, describing all the things they see, stores, statues, offices, traffic, etc. Gee, we don't have anything like this in the country.

Finally #1 stops, looks down, and says "Gee, I wonder what that is for? (He points to a round circle on the ground) - draw one if necessary.

#2 - Oh, I know what that is for, watch me ...

Scouts turn around, and then announce in a loud voice "Some time latter!"

#2 is jumping up and down on the round circle, yelling "21" each time he jumps. #1 is watching, smiling.

#3 comes up, obviously a city scout ..

#3 - Hey what are you guys doing?

#2 - Oh, we are from the country, and this is our first trip to the city. We didn't know it could be this much fun to visit the city.

#3 For crying out loud, guy, you are standing in the middle of the street jumping up and down!

#1 Yeah, but it is fun.

#3 But you'll be hit by a car. You country guys need a lesson about the city!

#2 Aw, come on, try it, it is fun "21" "21" "21"

#3 Not me guy ..

#1 Aw, come on, try it, it really is fun.

#3 steps onto the circle and does a little hop mumbling "21"

#2 No, you've got to really put yourself into it - climbs back on, and jumps again "21"

#3 Oh, OK, I'll show you guys that anything you country scouts can do, we city scouts can do better ... Steps back on the circle, takes a big jump and yells "21"

At this point #1 and #2 whisk away the manhole cover (circle) and #3 screams and falls to the ground, rolling away.

#1 and #2 put the circle back.

#1 climbs back on. OK, my turn now. Hey, this is really fun. "22" "22" "22" .....

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