Climb That
Posted On: 2022-04-12

Two Scouts meet, and the first scout begins to brag he can climb anything.

Scout 1: "Can you climb that tree?"

Scout 2 "Sure, I've done it lots of times."

Scout 1 "Can you climb the steep hill over there?"

Scout 2 "No sweat, no problem for me."

Scout 1 "How about the Empire State Building?"

Scout 2 "Done it, Did it."

Scout 1 "How about Mount Everest?"

Scout 2 "Boy, that was a cold day. I've done that too. I told you I am the world's greatest climber. I can climb anything!"

Scout 1 "I'll bet you ten bucks I can show you something you can't climb."

Scout 2 "You're on!"

Scout 1 pulls out a flashlight and shines the beam up into the sky "all right, climb that!"

Scout 2 "Are you crazy? No Way!"

Scout 1 "I knew you would back out, now pay up!"

Scout 2 "I won't pay because it's not fair. I know you, I'd start climbing, and I'd get halfway and you'd turn the flashlight off!"