Chewing Gum
Posted On: 2022-04-06

You will need 5 Cub Scouts. Props should include a lamppost, park bench, and tree.

Scene: Park area, Cub Scouts walk one at a time. This is a pantomime skit and is great to use with younger Cub Scouts and shy boys.

One CUB walks on stage chewing imaginary gum (use exaggerated motions- chewing, blowing bubbles, pulling gum out of the mouth, putting it back in), leans against a lamppost for a bit, takes gum out of his mouth, and sticks it to the lamppost. He then walks off stage. Second, CUB comes on stage, leans against the lamppost, feels gum stick, pulls the gum off, and sticks gum to the bench. Second CUB exits. Third CUB enters and sits on the bench. Notice gum pulls it off himself and throws it to the ground. Fourth CUB walks on stage, steps in gum, removes gum from the shoe, and sticks it to a tree. Exits. Fifth, CUB enters, leans against a tree, and finds gum. Removes gum from the tree and sticks it on the lamppost. First CUB enters again. Walks up to the lamppost, finds gum, and sticks it back in his mouth. Walks off stage chewing gum.



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