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The Checkup

body len: 944

Props: Chair, paper, pencil, white smock.

[Patient is on the chair while the Doctor looks down his throat, listens to heart, tests reflexes, and does doctor type things]

Doctor: Ahh, My goodness, Hmmmm, Well, well. etc. as he does each test.

Patient: [looking worried] What's the problem Doctor?

Doctor: [writing on several pieces of paper] Well, I think this should do it. Here are some prescriptions I want you to get from the druggist. [hands patient first paper] This is for blue pills. Take one every morning with a glass of water. [hands over second paper] These are yellow pills. Take one every lunch with a glass of water [hands patient third paper] Now, take these green pills at supper with a glass of water. Finally, [gives patient fourth paper] take one of these red pills with a glass of water before going to bed.

Patient: Oh my gosh, Doctor, give it to me straight! What's wrong with me?

Doctor: You're not drinking enough water!

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