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Colored Water Opening

body len: 2738

PERSONNEL NEEDED: Narrator (Cubmaster) and four Cub Scouts.

PREPARATION: 4 quart size fruit jars are needed. The underside of the fruit jar lid should have 5 drops of cake coloring placed or, the lid and dried onto the lid ahead of time. The four lids need to be marked on the top of the lid: B. C, Y or R. Fruit jars should be filled 1/3 full of clear water.

(Cub #1 holds up a quart fruit jar 1/3 full of water. The water will be clear.)

CUBMASTER: The main color of our Cub Scouts is blue. (The first boy shakes the bottle and the water changes to blue.)

CUBMASTER: "Blue represents the color of our sky, clean and pure in its blue, as does the blue in our flag which stands for justice and pure virtues."

(Cub #2 holds up his quart fruit it jar 1/3 full of water. The water will be clear. The boy shakes the jar. The water stays clear.)

CUBMASTER: "The water in the bottle is still clear and clean and pure. The white in our flag's stars and stripes also stands for purity and our dreams for a better tomorrow in both thought and deed - a rule of conduct we all should heed. A reminder that all of our lives need to stay clean and pure."

(Cub #3 holds up his quart fruit jar and shakes it. The water changes to a yellow-gold.)

CUBMASTER: "Yellow or gold is the other main color of our Cub Scout colors. Yellow of gold represents the sunshine and happiness of our lives. Health and happiness in a land of abundance and prosperity."

(Cub #4 holds up his quart fruit jar and shakes it. The water turns red.)

CUBMASTER: "The color in this bottle represents the red stripes of our flag. It reminds us that many people with courage and bravery have given their lives and their blood to protect this land and our freedom."

CUBMASTER: "Let's now pour the clear water into the gold water. (Pour) We still have the sunshine of life and happiness. Let's now pour the blue into the gold water. (Pour) We now have the magic of green. Our country is a country of beautiful green valleys and beautiful mountains of green, a true land of freedom. Blue and gold have blended together to show we can work together for a better world."

"Now as we pour the red into the green, the jar turns black. (Pour) So it is with our lives. If we live good lives that bring us happiness, the sunshine will always be there. The black illustrates that when we do things that are not right, our lives are filled with sadness or unhappiness because of our wrong doings. Let us all strive to follow the path of the green."

"Will you now join me in the Cub Scout Promise!"


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