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Candy Store #5

This one can be really hammed up and included the kid walking up in a dance kind of way and the old storekeeper, being old, very laboriously climbing up a ladder, getting the candy jar, coming down, counting out the candies, and so on.

Cast: Old storekeeper, very young kid (4 years old)
Setting: A Candy Store

Kid: (Kid walks up to storekeeper and asks) I want five of those penny candies way up at the top.

Storekeeper: You mean those penny candies, way, way, waaaaaayy up top?

Kid: Yes, please.

Storekeeper: Sigh! (Kid takes innocent pleasure in watching the storekeeper go up.)

Storekeeper climbs up and get him five candies, and receives the five cents.

This scene repeats itself several times over 3 more days, with the storekeeper being more and more tired each time and becoming equally more frustrated until,

Storekeeper: Oh! I see that kid coming. I know what he's coming to get, so I'll climb up now to get the candies before he comes in and have it ready for him. (Kid walks in.) I bet I know what you want. I bet you want five of the penny candies from way up top, right?

Kid: Nope! Not today!

Storekeeper: Sigh! Now I have to climb back up to put them away. (He climbs up, puts them away, then comes down.) Now, sonny, what would you like today?

Kid: I would like three of those penny candies way up at the top!

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