Silent And Verbal Signals
Posted On: 2010-02-21

Voice Commands

TROOP, FALL IN To form the Troop Patrol's line up at Attention and QUITE
TROOP ATTENTION To bring Troop to attention Scouts come to attention. Hands at side, standing straight and are QUITE
TROOP, SALUTE To have Troop salute Scouts salute, using Scout salute
SCOUT SIGN To have Troop give sign Scouts give the sign and are QUITE
TOO To have Troop drop sign Scouts drop sign and or salute

Silent Signals
(Source: Boy Scout Handbook page 445-447)

Command What to Do
Attention: The Scout Sign

Troop Assembly:

Swing raised arm in a wide circle

Patrol Lines:

Extend both arms at shoulder height with shoulders arm width apart. Patrols fall into their lines, with Patrol Leader in the front. Patrol lines should be single file.

Single Line:

Extend both arms parallel to the line to be formed. Patrols fall in line with their patrol in the front of the line, and the Senior Patrol Leader in the center of the group

Half Circle:

Rise both arms 45 degrees from the sides. Patrols will from a Simi-circle with Patrol Leader in front of his Patrol.

Full Circle:

Raise both arms at a 45 degrees, then swing from front to rear, several times, Patrols will form a circle


Swing both arms in a crossed-front position

Move Forward:

Raise right arm and swing it forward


Raise right fist high

Spread Out:

Swing arms out to the sides

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