Famous Scouts
Posted On: 2010-02-21

These are all famous scouts. Do you know them?

* Indicates the Scout was an Eagle Scout

1. Neil Armstrong*

A. President of the United States

2. Bill Bradley*

B. Actor

3. James Brady*

C. Olympic gold medal swimmer

4. William C. DeVries, M.D.*

D. Olympic gold medal decathlon

5. Gerald Ford*

E. Journalist, TV commentator

6. James Lovell*

F. Baseball superstar

7. J. Willard Marriott, Jr.*

G. Film director/producer

8. Ellison Onizuka

H. Rock music legend

9. H. Ross Perot*

I. Self made billionaire & Presidential Candidate

10. Steven Spielberg*

J. 36th President of the United States & First Eagle Scout in the White House

11. Henry "Hank" Aaron

K. Astronaut & First man on the Moon

12. Bill Clinton

L. Baseball superstar

13. Walter Cronkite

M. Sportscaster & former NFL star

14. Harrison Ford

N. Former Press Secretary to President Reagan

15. Bill Gates

O. Challenger astronaut

P. Founder of Microsoft Corp.

17. Jim Morrison

Q. Pro Basketball player & U.S. Senator from New Jersey

18. Merlin Olson

R. President, Marriott corp.

19. John Ritter

S. Transplanted first artificial heart

20. Nolan Ryan

T. Astronaut

21. Mark Spitz


22. Joe Theisman


23. Paul Winfield



Answers: 1-K; 2-Q; 3-N; 4-S; 5-J; 6-T; 7-R; 8-O; 9-I; 10-G; 11-L/F; 12-A; 13-E; 14-B; 15-P; 16-D; 17-H; 18-M; 19-B; 20-L/F; 21-C; 22-M; 23-B



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