Canada, Our Neighbor
Posted On: 2020-08-21


PROPS: 6 Cards/poster board with one letter of the word CANADA on each, explanation of the letter on the back. Cards or poster board may be decorated with scenes from Canada.

C is for the Calgary Stampede, rodeo in the prairie provinces -- home to the golden fields of wheat.

A is for Athabascan Glacier in the Canadian Rockies -- snowy mountains under azure skies.

N is for Northwest Passage through the Arctic Circle; Eskimos and polar bears, land of the midnight sun.

A is the Atlantic Gateway -- Nova Scotia, Acadia, Quebec

D is Dawson in the Yukon Territory; Klondike, the gold rush, mounties, and fur traders.

A is our American neighbor to the north. Over 100 years of peace, with never the report of a gun, between

Canada and the United States.