Ahoy, Dinghy
Posted On: 2010-02-21

When it comes to boating, how much do you know?  Are you lost at sea, or are you so smart you've got nothing but smooth sailing ahead?  Take our quiz and find out.  Circle the answer for each question.

1.   "All hands on deck!" means:
a. Let's build a new patio.
B. The crew has to play cards
c. It's time for everyone to do handstands.
D. Report to the captain.

2.   If the captain tells you to "drop anchor," you should:
a. Drop what you're doing
b. Throw Peter Jennings overboard
c. Lower the ships anchor
d. Go on a diet

3.   You are told to walk the plank.  This means:
a. It's your turn to take the ship's plankton for a walk
b. You have to jump off the ship
c. You must do a yo-yo- trick
d. You should do a silly walk

4.   If someone yells "Ship Ahoy!"  It means:
a.  There are free cookies in the area.
B.  The ship needs immediate hoying.
C. Another ship is sighted.
d. The boat needs to be turned around.

5.   A "dingy" is:
a. A sailor making his or her first voyage
b. A small rowboat
c. A boat's bathroom.
D. The bell the cook rings to call people to eat.

6.   What is the last line of this traditional sailor's saying?
"Red sky at night, Sailor's delight, Red sky at morn…"
a. For lunch, we have corn.
B. Our sail, it is torn!
c Every rose has it's thorn.
D. Sailor take warn.

7.   A "galley" is:
a. The kitchen of a ship
b. What a male sailor calls his girlfriend
c. Where the female sailors sleep
d. Where the captain hangs his paintings

8.   Which of the following is a kind of small sailboat:
a. Jiblet
b. Sunfish
c. Tagsail
d. Sandcrab

9.   A "sea shanty" is:
a. An old lighthouse
b. A facial-wart caused by too much wind exposure
c. A refreshing beverage enjoyed by the sailors
d. A rousing nautical song

10. A "barnacle" is:
a. A tall tale told by a sailor
b. Where the animals are kept on a ship
c. A crustacean that clings to rocks and floating objects in the sea.
d. A nose-hair remover for sailors



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