A Corny Game
Posted On: 2010-02-21

Mix this list all up and give copies to everyone as they arrive.  Instructions should be printed on the paper": 

"Corn was the most important food the Indians gave us.  Circle everything you believe to be made from corn."

(The answers is everything on the list, of course, but don't reveal that until all have worked their paper.)


Baby foods                           antifreeze

Canned/frozen corn            ceramics

Candy                                    cosmetics

Chewing gun                         Dyes

Cookies                                 ether

Cooking oil                            explosives

Corn syrup                            paperboard

Corn sugar                            paper

Cornflakes                             insulating materials

Cornmeal                               medicines

Cornstarch                            paints

Hominy and grits                 paste and glue

Margarine                              photographic film

Salad dressings                    plastics

Solvents                                 textiles

varnishes                               safety glass

Yeast                                      soaps




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