You And Scouting
Posted On: 2008-12-30

Scouting is an association of boys, young men and women, and of volunteer leaders like yourself. The purpose of Scouting is to help boys grow, by involvement in many experiences, to be responsible, resourceful members of their communities, their country, and the world. As a leader, you help them to achieve this goal.

There may be any number of reasons why you decided to join Scouting. Your son may be involved and you offered to help with a special project and became interested. Perhaps, because of some hobby or talent, you were asked to work with the den for a short period of time, found that you liked it , and wanted to continue. You may have volunteered because you like boys, because you have some reason that caused you to think seriously about becoming a registered adult leader, we welcome you to Cub Scouting and urge you to make use of all the resources available.

Like everything else of a volunteer nature, you can devote as little or as much time as you wish, but being a Cub Scout leader is not just an hour a week at den meetings or an hours a month at pack meeting. The den and pack programs must be planned and detailed preparations made so that they will run smoothly. The amount of time you invest in Cub Scouting will depend on your enthusiasm, dedication, and personal involvement. Usually the more time spent, the better program the boys receive.

Throw yourself wholeheartedly into your Cub Scout responsibilities. Go out and ring the bell; don't give up and wring your hands. Be optimistic. Think about how high your kite will fly, not about how soon it will fall. Plan your work, then work your plan. As a leader you have made a commitment of time, effort, and knowledge. It is a commitment to a way of life, to being a living example for boys, and to lending a helping hand to fellow Scouters.



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