What Is Leadership?
Posted On: 2009-01-02

In Cub Scouting, leadership is working with boys and their families, improving the life of your community by enriching the lives of families who live in it. You will be helping boys respect their homes and families, and you will be helping families understand their boys by doing things with them.

In this day and time when the family is becoming less and less important to many people, you, as a Cub Scout leader, will be taking a positive stand in support of the family. As inflation, unemployment, crime, poor housing, and other factors cause stress in families, you will be taking an active part in helping to strengthen those families and the boys in them be providing a fun-filled worthwhile program which has stood the test of time. Few organizations in history have had the universal impact on the family that can be claimed by Scouting. And you are an important part of that impact today.

Successful leaders are people of character and honesty; people with the ability to guide and influence boys; people with pep, patience, tact, and a sense of humor; people who like boys and have a sense of purpose and direction. Now, before you become alarmed and begin thinking: "I don't have all those qualities," just relax and read on. As all boys are different, so all leaders different. But there are certain things that Cub Scout leaders need to know and be able to do. That's the reason for training--to teach leaders the skills and information they need to work successfully with Cub Scouts.

If you have a son, or joined Cub Scouting because you like to work with boys, then you already have a head start, If not, then we can help you learn.



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