Training for Unit Committee
Posted On: 2009-01-02

Many of us as a child, learned the string game " The Cat's Cradle"


  • Here two people with a string knotting the two ends to form a circle pass it back and forth in a variety of forms between their hands.
  • Expanding:
  • You need at least 42 feet of rope, ends tied together.
  • Instead of two people you need four.
  • Where your finger and thumb work together before now your arms replace them.
  • To start the activity, two people stand inside the rope at waist high.
  • Make a wrap with the rope, around each persons waist.
  • Pull the rope from around the waist of each person and loop it over the other person head.
  • This is where you start the training.
  • Can the four people proceed without talking, probably not.
  • Communication is a key point here.
  • Everyone must work together to solve the problem and figure out what to do next.
  • Remember never give up.
  • (Hint: Add two more people doing the small game, working along with you, to help figure it out where you are at.)


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