Posted On: 2022-03-16

In Cub Scouting, none of us can successfully carry out our responsibilities alone. Teamwork in Cub Scouting means planning, leading, and evaluating the program with the help of others. This means that we not only need to understand our individual responsibilities, but we also must know how to work with other members of the team. Successful packs are those where there is teamwork and cooperation among leaders. The den leader, assistant den leader, and den chief make up the den leadership team. The Cubmaster and pack committee chairman work together as a team.

Benefits of Teamwork

+ Shared responsibility makes everyone's job easier.

+ All team members contribute their own ideas, which gives freshness and variety to the program.

+ Teamwork incorporates each team member's special talents and abilities into a single plan.

+ Teamwork allows us to bounce our ideas off others.

+ Boys learn more because the team effort has created a better program.

As a Cub Scout completes his achievements for the Wolf or Bear rank, the den leader should make sure he is recognized at a simple ceremony in the den meeting. Use the Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit.

When he completes three of the twelve Wolf achievements, he should be presented the Progress Toward Ranks patch, the thong, and a yellow bead to attach to it. The patch is buttoned to his right shirt pocket. When he completes three more achievements, he is presented with a second yellow bead. This procedure is continued until he completes all twelve achievements and has earned four yellow beads. He is then eligible to receive the Wolf badge in a pack ceremony. This step-by-step recognition is an incentive for boys to earn their badges.

The same procedure is followed for recognizing Bear achievements, except the red beads are used. They are attached to the second thong on the Progress Toward Ranks patch. This patch may be worn along with the Wolf and Bear badges when they are earned. The Progress Toward Ranks patch is not worn by Webelos Scouts.

Each Cub Scout den leader should be furnished with a Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit, which contains enough recognition materials for ten boys.

The above information came from The Cub Scout Leader Book. This book is available through your Scout Shop. When you buy your copy make sure you are getting the most recent printing.