Scouting is Outing
Posted On: 2009-01-02

  1. The outdoor program runs like a thread through the Scouting program:
  2. Cub Scouts are introduced to the outdoors through den and pack activities and Wolf and Bear requirements. They learn proper methods and safety procedures for hikes, cookouts, and conservation projects. They enjoy family camping, day camping, and council-conducted resident camping with parents.
  3. Overnighters introduce the Webelos Scout and his parent to the camping program. Joint den/troop campouts for Webelos Scouts and parents build strong relationships between the boys and adults and strengthen ties between the pack and troop. Webelos dens, with trained Webelos den leaders, are encouraged to have several overnighters a year.
  4. In Boy Scouting, the skills of long-term camping are developed and polished. A boy uses the basics he was introduced to as a Cub Scout and Webelos Scout and adds to them more complex skills, self-reliance, and greater responsibility.
  5. Varsity Scouts, Explorers, and older Boy Scouts have opportunities for high adventure, backpacking, canoe trips, etc., with more excitement and greater challenges. They use and expand on the skills learned in Boy Scouting.


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