The Good Den Leader
Posted On: 2022-03-08

  1. Serves a full-year term.
  2. Has a friendly attitude...The den is like one happy family.
  3. Has consideration for the individual...A cub is never embarrassed in front of his friends.
  4. Has patience...Is satisfied to wait until the new boy adjusts.
  5. Has wide interests...Brings talents to the Cubs.
  6. Is fair...Treats all Cubs in a like manner.
  7. Has a good manner...The Den Leader's voice and smile make each Cub feel good all over.
  8. Has a sense of humor...Puts joy, fun, and enthusiasm into working with Cubs.
  9. Has a good disposition...Temper is always under control and rarely shows impatience.
  10. Has an interest in the individual...Helps the self-conscious Cubs and shows an interest in the personal and Den problems of each Cub.
  11. Is generous...Gives praise, encouragement, and with others, plans unexpected treats for the Cubs.
  12. Plans the meetings and assembles supplies...Uses the den meeting outline and gathers supplies and equipment for future use.
  13. Knows the job...Because the Cub Scout literature is read often and thoroughly. Because training sessions are taken, Roundtables and Pow Wow attended. All planning meetings are also attended.


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