Posted On: 2020-08-21


Setting: 8 Cub Scouts hold cards with the letters spelling 'Cub Scout' and repeat the following lines.

1ST CUB: C is for comradeship - we learn to get along.

2ND CUB: U is for unity - together we are strong.

3RD CUB: B is for boys - wild and wooly, but nice.

4TH CUB: S is for socials - you needn't ask us twice.

5TH CUB: C is for courtesy, which all of us should know.

6TH CUB: O is for outings - we're ready to go.

7TH CUB: U is for universal - Scouts are known in every land.

8TH CUB: T is for teamwork - we'll lend you a helping hand.




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