A Den Leader's Home Can Be...
Posted On: 2009-01-02

A Den Leader's home can be the brightest and most attractive place in the heart of a Cub, simply because of the real warm feeling that his friends get inside. All a Den Leader needs to do is open up their heart and home and let the boys come in.

A Den Leader's home can be the home the boy learns responsibility by helping in the den's home duties to make the den go. Example, opening scripture, prayer, flag salute, den ceremonies, den equipment, room pickup after den meeting, etc.

A Den Leader's home is a place that never punishes in anger but only in love for disobedience and learning.

A Den Leader's home will encourage their Cubs to invite their friends, but if his friend wants to join, he joins the pack not the den.

A Den Leader's home is a place that listens to their Cub's ideas and talks frankly on the subjects that interest him.

A Den Leader's home will impress on the boys that service and honesty are important factors of life. From this will come honor so richly deserved by the boy.

A Den Leader's home is where the honor of a good name and reputation is fashioned upon the heart of the Cub and where he truly learns, "On my honor, I will do my best".

A Den Leader's home lives Godly before their boys, so they will be able to talk of God to them.

A Den Leader's home will be a living example, being faithful in service to God, to help influence character and spiritual growth of their boys.

A Den Leader's home develops habits of good citizenship and encourages good sportsmanship.

A Den Leader's home provides fun and exciting things for their boys to do.

A Den Leader's home is a very, very special place to develop America's best. In their hands, God has placed a special piece of living clay.

A Den Leader's home can be the center of a future man's affection, around which heartstrings become attached or entangled.

A Den Leader's home can sometimes be the home of two destinies - one is earthly, the other is eternal.

A Den Leader's home is a special place to be because you are a unique person. If you don't think so, just ask your Cubs!



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