Being Positive
Posted On: 2022-03-07

You can give someone positive encouragement and positive feelings about themselves by using positive statements when talking to them. Try them on someone!

  1. I like you!
  2. I'm glad you're here today!
  3. I'm glad you're in my den!
  4. I thought of you during the week.
  5. I think you're neat!
  6. Nice job!
  7. I knew you could do it!
  8. Super!
  9. I'm proud of you!
  10. Fantastic!
  11. I like the way you did that.
  12. Thank you for helping.
  13. Wow!
  14. You must have been practicing.
  15. I can tell you really worked on this.
  16. Way to go!
  17. That was the best ever!
  18. Sensational!
  19. That's right!
  20. You figured that out fast.
  21. Now you've got the hang of it.
  22. Great!
  23. You're really sharp today!
  24. Outstanding!
  25. Good thinking!
  26. You really used your brain.
  27. Bravo!
  28. I'm glad you thought of that.
  29. You're on the right track now.
  30. You are a good listener.
  31. That's really interesting.
  32. We had a really good day!
  33. I was proud to be with you on the trip.
  34. Excellent!
  35. You are so creative!
  36. I like the way you handled that.
  37. You have really improved.
  38. Good idea!
  39. You are so creative!
  40. I would never have thought of that.
  41. You're a good team member.
  42. I like being with you.
  43. I couldn't have done better myself!
  44. You outdid yourself today!
  45. You make it look so easy!
  46. Don't give up, you've almost got it!
  47. You're really working hard today.
  48. Keep on trying.
  49. You're learning a lot.
  50. You make my job fun!