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A Balanced Menu For Life

Tonight we've spent a lot of time talking about the four food groups we need to be healthy. And we've looked up some of those recipes, using those four food groups. I hope you'll remember what you've learned when we go on our campout at the end of this month because I'm getting tired of hamburgers and hot-dogs.

But just as a balanced diet of foods is vital for your physical health, so is a balanced diet of activities vital for your mental and spiritual health. You all know by now, that if you ate nothing but potato chips, candy and soda, you wouldn't stay healthy very long. The same idea applies to your activities.

If you did nothing but play sports all the time, and neglected your schoolwork, your religious duties, your Scouting, and other activities with friends, you would be a pretty sad case before long. Oh, you might be a good ball player, but that's all. You would not make any progress mentally, spiritually or as a person who is a pleasure to be around.

Well, you might say, I love sports. Fine - play them - and play for all your worth. But remember that life has many satisfactions besides sports. Don't cut yourself from them by spending all your time in one activity.

Join a school club. Become active in your churches youth group. Come to every troop meeting and activity. Take full advantage of school; don't do just enough work to get by. And play sports.

You can do it all, and if you do I think you'll enjoy life even more than you do now

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