A Winner
Posted On: 2022-03-03


A Winner respects those who are superior to him and tries to learn something from them.

A Loser resents those who are superior and rationalizes their achievements.

A Winner explains.

A Loser explains away.

A Winner says, "Let's find a way".

A Loser says, "There is no way".

A Winner goes through a problem,

A Loser tries to go around it.

A Winner says, "There should be a better way to do it".

A Loser says, "That's the way it's always been done here".

A Winner shows he's sorry by making up for it.

A Loser says, "I'm sorry," but does the same thing next time.

A Winner knows what to fight for and what to compromise on.

A Loser compromises on what he shouldn't, and fights for what isn't worth fighting about.

A Winner works harder than a loser and has more time

A Loser is always too busy to do what is necessary.

A Winner is not afraid of losing,

A Loser is secretly afraid of winning.

A Winner makes commitments,

A Loser makes promises.