World Friendship-02
Posted On: 2022-03-03


During the coming months, we'll be doing some things that remind us of Scouting's past. We'll also try to show you that Scouting is big - worldwide in fact.

More than 100 other countries have Scouting for their boys, too. A lot of those countries in the Scouting brotherhood are very poor.

To help the Scouts of other countries, the Boy Scouts of America has the World Friendship Fund. It supplies them with uniforms and equipment and helps their leaders get training.

Next week at our open house for parents, we will take up a collection for the World Friendship Fund. Of course, you don't have to contribute if you don't want to, but if you can spare a quarter it will help a brother Scout in another country.

Remember, that in the Scout Law we say "A Scout is friendly. . . He is a brother to other Scouts. "